The Baron Of Iron And Captain New World Assembleth In Elizabethan Avengers Portraits

Have you ever watched Marvel’s The Avengers and just thought, you know, this is great, but what’s really lacking here is ruffled collars?

Of course you have. Be real, who hasn’t?

Well lucky for you renaissance-craving dudes and ladies, photographer Sacha Goldberger has outfitted the superhero superteam in era-appropriate garb. Oh, and they’re not the only ones getting the fancy pants treatment. Goldberger also included characters from “Star Wars” and the DC Comics (Wonder Woman as Dame Wondrous, anyone?) in the series.

Check out three of our favorites, along with their old fashiony names, below. Head to here for the rest.

Captain New World
The Baron of Iron
The Incensed Ruffian