The Aliens Crash-Land On Space

Come May, your so-called friends are going to be pressuring you to get outside and soak up the nice weather. Ignore them—because British miniseries The Aliens invades Space on May the 4th at 9pm. (That gives you plenty of time to screen all the good Star Wars movies first, if you start early enough).

The Aliens comes out of the same brains behind the hit sci-fi comedy/drama The Misfits and stars a slate of up-and-coming British actors including Jim Howick (Peep Show, Horrible Histories), Michael Socha (Being Human, This Is England), and Michaela Coel (Chewing Gum).

What’s it about, you ask? Our ESP tells us that you probably already know the show centres on two or more extraterrestrials. Here’s what else we can tell you:

Set 40 years after humanoid extraterrestrials crash their ship into England’s coast, The Aliens ventures “into the gritty depths of Troy, the lawless, illicit paradise full of parties, drugs, violence, and some very bad people. The aliens who inhabit Troy appear almost identical to humans but are tagged by Border Control in order to be identified. They are allowed out of Troy to perform menial jobs as long as they have been disinfected and return before curfew. Enter Lewis, an unassuming border guard. Despite a strong distaste for all things alien, Lewis finds himself seduced into the world of Troy by the enticing alien Lilyhot. Smart, calculating, and tough, Lilyhot strives to make a name for herself in Troy and will do whatever necessary to make it happen. Further complicating Lewis’ life is the discovery that Lewis himself is half alien. In search of answers, he follows Lilyhot into the underbelly of Troy, and takes his loyal best mate Dominic along for the ride.”

The new series will be six one-hour episodes long and the premiere will set up the series with the story of how Lewis meets Lilyhot. Better still, every episode will available to stream on!