6 Things You Need To Know Before The Aliens Arrive On Space

When it premiered in the UK in March, The Aliens made an instant impression with its unique take on alien-human relations. 40 years after arriving on Earth, the Morks—who look exactly like humans—have been forced to turn their backs on mainstream society and settle in a segregated alien community known as Troy. Full of parties and violent crime, Troy is sufficiently dangerous to require border guards like Lewis Garvey (Michael Socha), but when Lewis makes a shocking discovery, everything goes haywire.

From creator Fintan Ryan (Never Bette, In the Flesh) and the production company behind The Misfits, this six-episode series makes its Space debut Wednesday, May 4. Not sure you’re ready for The Aliens? Here are six things you need to know.

It Brings Sci-Fi Down-To-Earth


Already have more than enough science fiction in your life? According to star Michael Socha, that’s no reason to ignore The Aliens. In fact, he’s not even sure this is a sci-fi series. “I mean, it ain’t f**king Star Trek,” he said in an interview with Digital Spy. “It’s very grounded, it’s very down-to-earth. There’s lots of gags, there’s lots of explosions, stabbings, beatings, sex… it’s pretty full-on.”

Lewis Is Part Of The Problem


In The Aliens, most humans despise aliens—and Socha’s character is no exception. “Lewis finds them disgusting,” he told NME, adding that everything gets a little more complicated following his big discovery. “Lewis finds out he is half alien and his whole world falls apart.”

Fintan Ryan Had A ‘Bad’ Influence


Creator Fintan Ryan may have been influenced by other iconic TV series about aliens, but his primary inspiration is one of the most acclaimed dramatic series of all time: Breaking Bad.

It’s Funnier Than Expected


Like Breaking Bad, The Aliens delivers humour in unexpected places. For Socha, this resulted in some extremely uncomfortable moments on the set, as he had a hard time containing his laughter. “The directors were actually getting pretty pissed off—and that made it worse,” he said. “The more they act like they’re pissed off, the more pressure there is, and the more I laugh.”

Aliens Are A Hell Of A Drug

The Morks are more than just a metaphor for the struggles of the world’s refugees—they’re also a hallucinogenic drug. When their hair is shaved off and smoked, it causes a high so powerful that drug smugglers are willing to put their lives at risk in the lawless world of Troy.

No One Knows What’s Next


Not sure what to expect when The Aliens’ six-episode run comes to an end? Neither does Socha. “I don’t know, to be honest with you,” he told The Reviews Hub. “I don’t know what the viewing figures were like. It’s easy to get sucked into ratings and sh*t and I just stay away from them.”

The future may be uncertain, but we can tell you this much: the first episode of The Aliens premieres on Space tomorrow at 9e 6p. Watch the trailer below.