The 15 Best Batman Voices, Ranked


A Batman is only as good as his Batman voice. There have been great Batman voices along the way, and some not-so-great Batman voices along the way — and some truly, absolutely legendary voices as well. Here’s the best of the best, ranked:

Your Impression


Look, it’s good. It’s good! But not everyone can do the Bale growl, alright? And who knows — maybe your voice is better than Batfleck’s. We’ll find out next year.

George Clooney


It’s just his regular George Clooney voice, which is a better voice than most, but nothing special as far as Batman voices go. And fair or unfair, he loses points for bat-nipples.

Ben McKenzie


Anthony Ruivivar


The “Beware the Batman” star brings something different than the stern, bass-heavy Batman voices we’re used to. But he has some other heavy-hitters to contend with, keeping him from being too memorable.

Jason O’Mara


Calm and in command, the Batman of “Justice League: War” is pleasant enough to listen to, but still has Kevin Conroy’s legendary shoes to fill.

Val Kilmer


Like Clooney, Val Kilmer’s Batman voice is basically just Val Kilmer. But he speaks perhaps the single greatest piece of Batman dialogue ever: “I’ll get drive-thru.”

Bruce Greenwood


Battle of the Bruces! Wayne, meet Greenwood. Greenwood, meet Wayne. Bruce Greenwood’s Bruce Wayne is basically Captain Pike meets Batman. You can imagine him playing an older, wiser version of Batman on a TV show some day.

Seth Green


“Robot Chicken” Batman is a Batman we need, if not one we deserve.

Will Arnett


“Lego Movie” Batman is also a Batman we need, and definitely one we don’t deserve — which makes everything extra awesome now that the movie gods are preparing a full-scale “Lego Batman” feature film.

This Impression


“With a side order, of spaghetti!”

Will Friedle


He’s no Bruce Wayne, but Terry McGuinness of “Batman Beyond” is a superhero icon in his own right, and there’s no one in the world who could voice him other than the erstwhile Eric Matthews of “Boy Meets World.” Not just one of the best Batman voices, but one of the best comic book character voices, full-stop.

Christian Bale


Love Bale’s Batman voice or hate it, there’s no denying its iconic place in pop culture. No matter where you land on the issue, you simply cannot deny that the Batman of the Dark Knight Trilogy rattled the cages with nothing more than a growl.

Adam West



Michael Keaton


“I’m Batman.” Yes, you are.

Kevin Conroy


There’s no other answer. There are perhaps better iterations of Batman — big emphasis on “perhaps” — but none better as far as voices are concerned. From “Batman: The Animated Series” to the “Arkham” games and everything in between and beyond, Kevin Conroy is Batman, on voice and voice alone.