5 Things We Learned From Terminator Genisys



After a pair of middling Terminator sequels (Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, Terminator Salvation), fans are anxiously awaiting a return to the highs of James Cameron’s original films. While Terminator Genisys never quite rises to that level, this serviceable summer popcorn movie proves to be surprisingly educational. Here are just five things we learned along the way.

The Terminator has a new look

12 years have passed since Arnold Schwarzengger last played the Terminator, but his changing look in the new film is also the product of an elaborately fragmented time frame. From motion capture youth to hoodie maturity to grey-haired geriatric, he tries on many guises in Terminator Genisys. As an added bonus, he also offers up some jarringly toothy grins.

The old gimmicks still work

Anyone who has worn out those old T2 videotapes and DVDs is likely to be tired of the franchise’s signature robots and shape-shifting liquid metal. But even though director Alan Taylor does little to reinvent the old effects, those gimmicks still work like a charm, even without the thrill of innovation that made them so exciting in 1991.

Cyborgs are still incredibly hard to defeat

In spite of several years of brutal advances in weaponry, those self-healing cyborgs are still nearly impossible to destroy. As Sarah Connor learns at one point, there is only one fail safe technique: stumble upon a room with a ceiling full of acid, shoot it free, and hope your robot ally can keep your enemy in harm’s way.

Nude time travel is always awkward

Terminator Genisys has lots of fun with the logic of time travel, but the nudity requirement results in no shortage of unmotivated shadows and awkward interaction. The fictional technology that makes this possible is undeniably impressive, but finding yourself nude in the middle of a busy freeway has a way of spoiling the fun.

The Terminator can fly

Okay, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but at one point, Schwarzenegger boldly graduates to the superhero era with a helicopter jump that is altogether Iron Man worthy.