Does Liam Have The Chops To Be Teen Wolf’s Next Alpha?

Let’s just pretend for a minute that Teen Wolf wasn’t in its final season. (A world where infinite Teen Wolf exists? We like this game!)

And say that Scott was moving on to college or wherever it is that retired alphas go, and Beacon Hills was in need of a new alpha to keep those supernatural baddies in check. Could Liam actually be up for the task?

As the young beta said during the premiere episode, Scott sure as hell “[won’t be the alpha] for long.” Oddly, Liam’s own girlfriend Hayden doesn’t seem entirely convinced that he’s alpha material, as she asked, “What’s going to happen when Scott graduates? When there’s no one here to figure things out?” And Liam himself couldn’t even spit out the words, “I can be the alpha.”

Ouch. While little L has had the best Teen Wolf trainer in the biz (*cough* Scott), he still has A LOT of learning to do, on top of a few much-needed lessons in self-control. Remember when Scott used Hayden as bait to track the Dread Doctors, and Liam came this close to murdering Scott in a vengeful, blind rage? (No thanks in part to stupid Theo’s influence.)

The sophomore has long battled major rage issues—it’s why he got transferred to BHHS in the first place. (Quick refresher: He angrily took a crowbar to his former lacrosse coach’s car.)

Then again, Liam will stop at nothing to protect those for whom he cares deeply, an essential trait that he shares with our beloved alpha. And we have no doubt that Liam’s bestie Mason would make a killer Stiles-in-training.

What do you think—with a little more help, could Liam actually be alpha material? Sound off, and catch an all-new Teen Wolf on Tuesday at 9/8c!