New Teaser Brings A New Hope And Rogue One Together At Last

If Star Wars fans are really honest about their appetites for the franchise, most have to admit that they desperately want to re-live the experience of the original trilogy. This might explain why J.J. Abrams decided to make The Force Awakens a virtual remake of Episode IV. Unlike that movie, Rogue One is a detour from the official Star Wars series, but it’s in a unique position to bring viewers back to the world of the original film. As a new teaser makes clear, this movie has a much closer connection to A New Hope than any previous prequel. With that in mind, Disney has created a new Rogue One trailer that combines footage of both films.

In other Star Wars trailer news, fans who have been wondering when they can expect to see some footage from Episode VIII finally have their answer. As we explained yesterday, director Rian Johnson is hard at work in the editing room and unlikely to show anything until the film has been polished to perfection. However, speaking to BBC reporter Lizo Mzimba, producer Kathleen Kennedy offered a more specific time frame.

If you’re anxious to see a new Star Wars movie, what are you waiting for? Rogue One is in theatres now—and, based on our review, you need to drop everything and buy a ticket immediately.