Tatiana Maslany Made A Hilarious PSA With A Real Message

Sexual assault is the furthest thing from funny. That said, a new Funny or Die video starring Orphan Black’s Tatiana Maslany does a really great job of mocking the laughable legislation surrounding the processing of rape kits in the United States.

Maslany made the satirical video in support of Rise Now, an organization fighting to obtain rights for sexual assault survivors and standardize the innovative best practices that have been put into place in far too few states across the country.

In some areas of the US, a sexual assault survivor has to pay to have her own rape kit processed as evidence against her attacker. Can’t afford the fee (it’s typically around $1,000 USD)? The hospital will send your bill to collections or worse: the evidence will be thrown out entirely. The result: victims having to deal with the trauma of their assault are revictimized through unfair financial hardship and further psychological and emotional stress.

Maslany’s video, ‘Sexual Assault Toolbelt’, takes aim at the issue by highlighting how completely ridiculous it is for women to have to track the progress and processing of evidence in their own assault cases. Instead of solving the problem by changing the laws surrounding rape kits, Maslany’s character sarcastically advocates for women to outfit themselves with a chic, gemstone-encrusted kit of their own, complete with a rain poncho (in case you’re forced to dumpster dive to retrieve your unprocessed rape kit).

Check out the very funny ‘80s-themed clip below for a reminder that it’s 2017 and we still haven’t managed to sort out this regressive legal nonsense yet, then head to the Rise Now site to do something about it.