Our Favourite Reactions To Tatiana Maslany’s Emmy Nomination

orphan black

orphan black

For Orphan Black star Tatiana Maslany, that old axiom about the third time being the charm rang true this morning when the actor received her first Emmy nomination (alongside Robin Wright, Elisabeth Moss, Viola Davis, Claire Danes, and Taraji P. Henson) for work on the show’s third season. After three years spent playing anywhere between four and ten characters, Maslany’s Emmy nod seems more than a little overdue—and we’ve got the ecstatic Twitter reactions to prove it.

Everyone from Amy Schumer to Rob Thomas (who knew Matchbox Twenty were Clone Clubbers?) are offering up their congratulations and celebrating the fact that finally, Maslany’s multitasking turn as Alison/Cosima/Helena/Rachel/Krystal/Sarah was #notsnubbed.

Here are our fave reactions to the awesome news:

Fellow nominee (for Lead Actress in a Comedy in Inside Amy Schumer) Amy Schumer had no words, just a scream and a hashtag.

Frontman Rob Thomas was psyched about the nomination, but thinks that Tatiana should get multiple statuettes when she wins.

Maslany’s Orphan Black co-star Kristian Bruun alluded to the long-standing rumour that her acting skills are the product of secret ninja training.

While Evelyne Brochu offered a classy, emoticon-heavy congratulations en francais.

And of course her fans got in on the social media action.

But it was the congratulatory message from Maslany’s own show that best captured the way we feel about September’s upcoming awards ceremony.

Look out, Robin Wright: even Claire Underwood is no match for Helena.

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