Tatiana Maslany Is Obsessed With Bad Grandpa

If you’re a Tatiana Maslany fan, there’s a good chance most of your knowledge of the actress has something to do with Orphan Black. Thanks to The A.V. Club’s 11 Questions series, that’s about to change. Joined by Tom Cullen (Downton Abbey)—her co-star in The Other Half and boyfriend in real life—Maslany answered a string of random questions, revealing the movies she seen most in her life (The Mask and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze), the most famous person she’s ever met (Amy Poehler), the best book she’s read this year (Alison Bechdel’s Fun Home), her first concert (Our Lady Peace), her middle name (Gabriele, though she thought it was Gabriella for 25 years) the weirdest food she’s ever eaten (horse sashimi), and much more.

However, the most surprising revelation is the performance she picked as her favourite of the last ten years: Johnny Knoxville’s “amazing turn” in Bad Grandpa (not to be confused with Robert De Niro’s embarrassing turn in Dirty Grandpa). “We watched Bad Grandpa about a week ago and I’ve not stopped thinking about it since,” she said. “I thought Johnny Knoxville was transformative. He was, like, transcendent.”


Maslany argued that Knoxville “doesn’t get enough credit,” while also acknowledging the work of his makeup artist and those “amazing prosthetics.” But don’t jump to any conclusions about her take on Jackass, as she’s definitely not a fan. “I hate Jackass,” she said. “I can’t get into it. It freaked me out. But that movie [Bad Grandpa] was hilarious. It was great.”

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