Tales From The Crypt Teasers Leak, Make Us Feel Deathly Nostalgic

Even though it may still be a while until M. Night Shyamalan’s Tales from the Crypt reboot actually hits airwaves, it might actually be worth the wait.

Earlier this week, two unofficially released promotional videos for the reboot of HBO’s ’90s horror anthology Tales from the Crypt were posted on Vimeo and subsequently transferred to YouTube, with both clips eventually being deleted. The first clip was apparently a sort of behind-the-scenes look at the series in which Shyamalan talks about both Crypt and the TNT horror block that he will be curating. Bloody Disgusting was able to access the video before it was taken down, reporting that Shyamalan described Crypt as “kind of a forbidden fruit of my childhood” and as “ahead of its time.”

In the second video, a janitor obliviously mops a hallway as a dark figure on the other side of a nearby door repeatedly rams its head against the door’s glass window until it starts to bleed. When the janitor finally notices what’s going on, the glass window breaks, the blood disappears,and the figure suddenly pops up right in front of him.

The video was definitely suspenseful, if not entirely scary, and is quite well shot, leaving us hopeful about what the look and feel of the series will be when episodes finally start airing.

News about the uncertain future of the Crypt reboot came out in December, with reports stating that TNT is having difficulty acquiring rights from the owners of the original Tales from the Crypt series and its numerous spinoffs, including the 1993 cartoon version that aired on YTV here in Canada.

We’re guessing that TNT is even more interested in making sure that Crypt moves forward now that Shyamalan seems to be back in Hollywood’s good graces (for now)—his latest film, Split, has so far grossed almost $200 million worldwide.

And we certainly hope it moves forward—TNT’s plan to build a horror “block” around Crypt, anthology series Time of Death and psychological thriller Creatures is incredibly exciting, especially considering that there aren’t really any popular, episodic horror series on right now (unless you count Black Mirror, which can probably more accurately be described as “technological suspense”).

If everything goes as planned, TNT will be airing 10 one hour-long episodes of Tales from the Crypt, all partially based on the EC Comics series of the same name. Let’s just hope that whatever episodes we do end up getting feature the same creepy, pun-loving Cryptkeeper puppet from the 1989 original.