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Plagerism Is the Most Sincere Form Of Flattery

Actress Lindsay Lohan continues her lawsuit against ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ makers Take-Two Interactive and Rockstar Games citing 45 pages of pictorial evidence, including one of the game discs that features the image of a blonde, bikini-laden woman. According to the text, the suit emphasizes a “common interest among all celebrities, actors, singers, and athletes … to protect their likeness and personas from misappropriation by unscrupulous merchandisers.” The 67-page complaint alleges the companies used her likeness in the open-world video game without her permission.  [Source: The Hollywood Reporter]


The Prosecution Rests

Speaking of new evidence, Capcom will be bringing more of the Ace Attorney series to the Nintendo 3DS in a special trilogy compilation which will be hitting the North American e-shop on December 9 for $29.99.  The ‘Ace Attorney Trilogy’ includes updated versions of three Nintendo DS games, ‘Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney’, ‘Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney — Justice For All’ and ‘Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney — Trials and Tribulations’.  [Source: Polygon]


‘Driveclub’ Stalls

I had so many great headlines for this news blub.  Runners-up included, “You can’t find me in da club” and “Driveclub gets even more exclusive.”  The PS Plus Edition was originally scheduled for release in North America yesterday alongside the full game’s physical launch. However, plans were shifted in the wake of servers being pushed “to their absolute limits,” game director Paul Rustchuhnsky wrote on Evolution Studios’ Facebook page.  Gamers can expect the PS Plus Edition to launch was the strain on the servers has be alliviated.  [Source: Facebook]


“I’m getting too old for this sh**…”

Is likely what was going through David Letterman‘s mind as he contemplated that he was hosting a “live” performance of Vocaloid-powered virtual idol Hatsune Miku during ‘Late Show’ last night.  Ready yourself for some second-hand embarassment and check the video above.