Move Over, Silicon Valley, SXSW Is The New Hub For The Coolest In Tech

Discovery’s Daily Planet is down in Austin talking to the techies who’ve hit the fast-forward button into the future with their awesome innovations. 3D printed smart clothing? Check. Sightless navigation devices? Check. Hoverboards? Obviously. Here are five futuristic devices we can’t wait to get our gadget-loving hands on.

This projector that can turn any surface into an interactive gaming device as well as a system that lets kids build their own games.

A portable gym you wear on your back (without looking like a total dork).

This tiny miracle that will save you from walking around with your fly down:

An update on the latest in hoverboarding:

Body scanning technology that makes it possible for your avatar to do the moonwalk on Saturn (or wherever else you want).

Finally (and for no good reason at all), please enjoy this look at the latest in Sailor Moon wigs as modelled by Daily Planet’s Lucas Cochran. It’s a really good look for him.

For more on the latest tech out of SXSW, head on over to Discovery.