12 Supernatural Characters We Need To See This Season

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On last week’s episode of Supernatural, Hottie McHotterson Matt Cohen reprised his role as Young John Winchester. Well, sort of.

After seeing fans ecstatic AF about Cohen’s cameo—including former cast member Genevieve Padalecki—we realized there are a lot of old faces who need to grace our TV screens again. After all, we’re in the midst of season 11, so there are plenty of characters over the years who NEED TO COME BACK.

But, we’re gonna skip over the more obvious ones who need to return, such as Bobby (Jim Beaver), Kevin Tran (Osric Chau), Sheriff Jody Mills (Kim Rhodes) and Gabriel/The Trickster (Richard Speight Jr.), because duh.

I don’t care if certain characters died on a previous season. This is Supernatural, so does anyone ever actually “die” on this show?

Ruby 2.0


The last time we saw Padalecki’s Ruby, she was being stabbed to death by Dean (Jensen Ackles), and for good reason, since she let Sam (Jared Padalecki) drink her demon blood. OK, she was also in that season six episode, “The French Mistake,” but that doesn’t count. Sure, she caused problems for the Winchesters, but who hasn’t, really?

Adam Milligan


Yeah, remember him? The other Winchester bro who is still trapped in the Cage with Lucifer and Michael? The same bro who Dean gave up to save Sam’s soul? He’s been stuck there since the season five finale, so Lord knows what’s left of him. But, after Sam and Dean (and collectively, the ’SPN’ fandom) were reminded in the 200th episode Adam is still down there, I think it’s time we gripped him tight and raise him from Perdition.

Young Sam


To pull this off, however, they’ll have to age Young Sam a few years, since actor Colin Ford is now 19. But, so? All the episodes with him were fantastic and fun. I mean, hellooooo. Remember the “After School Special” episode?

Those snarky girls from the 200th episode


Marie (Katie Sarife) and Maeve (Joy Regullano) put on one helluva SPN musical. Both of them were super sassy and continuously put Sam and Dean in their place. Plus, Chuck Shurley (Rob Benedict) had a cameo at the end of the episode, saying he liked the show. (Actually he said, “Not bad,” but details, details.) So, did Marie go on to make another SPN musical? And while we’re at it, bring Chuck back, too. Please and thank you.

Ben Braeden


Dean left his surrogate son and his mother Lisa to keep them out of danger, which *shocker* didn’t work. After Castiel (Misha Collins) saved Lisa’s life, Dean begged Castiel to erase Dean from the Braedens’ minds, so they could happily live their lives. Yeah, it’s been a few seasons since this happened. Dean deserves to be happy, too, and he seemed happiest with Ben and Lisa in his life.

Jesse Turner


The unwilling Antichrist was in one episode on season five before he literally vanished himself far, far away to keep his family safe from harm. He was just a boy then, but now he’s a young adult. It’d definitely be interesting to find out where he’s been this whole time, and how he turned out to be. Did he end up going to dark side anyway? WE NEED TO KNOW.

Meg Masters


Yes, she was tortured and murdered by Crowley (Mark Sheppard) on season eight, but her little love moments with Castiel were some of the sweetest (and kind of hottest) on the show. Come on, that pizza man thing is iconic AF. Castiel’s been dealing with some really heavy stuff lately, including losing Hannah. (Sad face.) Cut him a break!

Henry Winchester


Sam and Dean’s surprisingly hot grandfather was only in two episodes, but he definitely left a lasting impression. Before he was killed by Abaddon, we loved seeing him fighting alongside his grandsons (creating enough time travel headaches to knock out time travelling king Doc Brown from Back to the Future).

Bela Talbot


Ooh, this chick. 10 years after making a deal with a crossroads demon to murder her abusive parents, she was literally dragged to Hell by hellhounds, and that was the last time we ever saw her. Because she’s been in Hell, it’s safe to assume she hasn’t been faring well. Since she was always at ends with the Winchesters, it’d be intriguing to see her reemerge as a demon, perhaps following orders from Crowley? Or, she could just have her soul eaten by Amara. Whatevs.

Garth Fitzgerald IV


The last time we saw our buddy Garth, he was living as a werewolf with his lycanthropic family. Garth offered to rejoin the Winchesters in their never-ending hunting endeavors, but Dean urged him to enjoy his life. But, perhaps Garth can do both? He’s such a quirky character, and when there’s so much doom and gloom jam-packed into one episode, we could really use some quirkiness to cheer us up.

Damien and Barnes


Sam and Dean met these guys at a meta SPN convention. Damien (sometimes written as “Demian”) and Barnes cosplayed as Sam and Dean and ended up helping the real Sam and Dean solve a case. At the end of the episode “The Real Ghostbusters,” the two announced they are actually a couple, and a super cute one at that. Ten bucks these guys are still attending SPN conventions, fake hunting and whatnot. Why not let them hunt for real again?

Young Mary Campbell


Since this post was inspired by Young John Winchester returning, it seems only fitting his wife make an appearance as well. We unfortunately know what her ultimate fate is, but her gumption and personality were such a joy to watch onscreen. So, the writers should create another episode that explores the early exploits of John and Mary Winchester. And sure, toss Sam and Dean in there — it’s not like anything on this show is abiding by the laws of physics anyway.