Just Another Superhero ‘Post-It’ Post


Fluorescent-lighting and sterile walls are an office-staple.  A superhero team of coworkers assembled on the weekend to put together a pixelated superhero mosaic.  Created using purely post-it notes, the composition spans the entirety of the work space, and consists of over 8000 sticky notes.  The colourful, 8-bit aesthetic of the chibi-superhero-sprites is in perfect juxtaposition with their “professional” environment, as they watch over the office.

You can check out the full story over at Reddit,  and for a full look at the project, including both before and after pics and closeups of each superhero, head on over to Imgur.

49mz9it hRsOyKh an-8-bit-superhero-mural-constructed-out-of-8024-sticky-notes-7 an-8-bit-superhero-mural-constructed-out-of-8024-sticky-notes-6 an-8-bit-superhero-mural-constructed-out-of-8024-sticky-notes-5 an-8-bit-superhero-mural-constructed-out-of-8024-sticky-notes-3 an-8-bit-superhero-mural-constructed-out-of-8024-sticky-notes-2 an-8-bit-superhero-mural-constructed-out-of-8024-sticky-notes-1