Supergirl Season 2 Photos Offer First Look At Tyler Hoechlin’s Clark Kent

We’ve seen Tyler Hoechlin don the House of El coat of arms as the Man of Steel, and now it’s finally time to meet Clark Kent.

Superman—and his bespectacled civilian alter ego—will make his anticipated debut on Supergirl in the Season 2 premiere, titled “The Adventures of Supergirl.” The CW has released new photos from the first two episodes of the second season, and not only do they offer a glimpse into Kara Danvers’s latest journey as Supergirl, they also give us our first real look at Hoechlin’s Clark Kent.

It looks like Clark is all smiles as he meets Kara’s coworkers at CatCo, but he’s especially happy to see his best friend, Jimmy James Olsen (Mehcad Brooks). James spent a considerable amount of time talking about “The Big Guy” in Season 1, so it’s nice to see these two finally side by side in their matching J. Crew button-downs.

Of course, the good times can’t last forever. Clark eventually comes face to face with Lex Luthor’s sister, Lena (Katie McGrath)—who’s on a personal mission to reconstruct her family’s company. Given the history between Lex and Clark, there’s definitely going to be some tension when the Kryptonian cousins meet Lena.

However, there is one important person missing from these first-look images: Chris Wood. The former Vampire Diaries star is stepping into the role of Mon-El (a.k.a. the mystery pod’s passenger) this season. Unlike Supergirl and Superman, Mon-El isn’t Kryptonian; he’s a Draxamite—a species of alien that possesses similar powers to Kryptonians but has a weakness to lead instead of Kryptonite. That’s all fine and good, but where, oh where, is our latest alien visitor?