SuperFly Gives Old School Crime (And Fashion) A Modern Update


If you’re a devoted fan of 1972’s Super Fly, there’s a good chance your enthusiasm has nothing to do with plot and everything to do with style, attitude, and the classic soundtrack by Curtis Mayfield. Nonetheless, it seems that the remake (slightly re-spaced as SuperFly) is remaining relatively faithful to the original’s plot while abandoning just about everything else. “Back in the day, it was a little over the top, but of course, that was the 1970s,” said star Trevor Jackson. “I think 2018 is going to be cool for even this generation to see. Just the fashion… it’s just cool. It’s our made-up world that has really real elements within it.”

The remake was made by Director X (Across the Line), the celebrated Canadian music video director formerly known as Little X (and occasionally Lil X). In addition to changes in music, fashion, and martial arts moves, he insisted on a few subtle plot updates to ensure that the film’s criminality rings true in 2018. For one, X is adamant that today’s high profile drug dealers and junkies would never intermingle like they did back in the day.

“A big-time drug dealer in Atlanta today is not around junkies,” he explained. “It just didn’t feel right. So, they became Snow Patrol… these dealers. He has this beef with a big crew of over the top drug dealers. The original film, the police come and say, ‘We’ll give you the drugs.’ When the police find him, ‘Yeah, we’re taking the money, but we’re also the suppliers.’ I don’t know if I believe that the police could supply this much… so in come the Mexicans.”

Believe it or not, SuperFly is in theatres now. Check out the trailer below.