Super Smash Bros. for Wii U is Blissfully Bananas

Super Smash Bros.


There’s A LOT to love about Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. I could write a book about the game’s 400-plus music catalogue, or how wonderful it is to see 8 Little Macs duke it out, or the various badass controllers you can brawl with.

For those of you who are into the whole brevity thing, we’ll stick to five of the biggest reasons you should get your hands on Nintendo’s insane and insanely addicting game.

It’s the fastest-selling Wii U game

More than half a million copies were sold just three days into the North American launch, meaning the entire Smash Bros. franchise has sold over 14 million games here since punching its way onto the N64 in 1999. Those are crazy-impressive numbers, so clearly there’s something very special about this game. Also, more buyers means more brawlers.

Smash online or with your buds

More brawlers means more people you can take the smashing online with. Like the 3DS version, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U has plenty of online modes, which can be played “For Fun” or, if you’re a totally badass, “For Glory.” “For Fun” stages are selected at random, there are plenty of items on hand, and only your wins are recorded. “For Glory” means you get to play on the Final Destination stages (sans platforms) without any items, and all your wins and losses are on display. As for modes, you can hit up 1-on-1 or 2-on-2 bouts. Or… if you’ve got a bunch of pals over, you can indulge in supremely chaotic eight-player fisticuffs.

So many fighters to choose from

With 49 brawlers comprised of over three decades of gaming mascots, the fighter selection screen can be a daunting place. Mercifully, attack and special move button combos don’t really differ between characters. However, each one has their own unique style of combat that drastically changes things up. There are big fighters like Bowser, medium ones like Fox McCloud, and little guys like Animal Crossing Villager. More traditional icons include Mario, Link, and even Sega’s own Sonic, but there are some really fun combatants like Duck Hunt, R.O.B., and my personal bizarro favourite, Mr. Game & Watch. More than ever, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U boasts a learning curve that’s as inviting for newcomers to pick up and play as it is challenging for veterans to master.

SO many ways to play and things to collect

Classic, All-Star, Special Orders, Event Mode, Smash Tour, and loads more help you unlock prizes and earn coins to swap for trophies, equipment, special moves—you name it. You can also purchase real figurines, called amiibos, to add several additional bells and whistles. Connect your amiibo via the GamePad, and you’ve got a new computer-controlled ally than can be leveled up to learn new skills to help crush your opponents. This is still an early phase for amiibos, so expect more features to surface. For now, you can also use them in Mario Kart 8 and Hyrule Warriors for goodies like custom outfits. Finally (but not really), purchase this special adapter gizmo to plug in your old or new GameCube controllers for arguably the best control scheme Smash Bros. has to offer.

It’s painstakingly beautiful

Running at 60 glorious frames per second, this is one of the most stunning games for any console. Like the majority of Nintendo’s oeuvre, Smash Bros. doesn’t strive for realism, but in terms of attention to detail, art direction, and overall brand love, nothing else comes close. Every character and stage is meticulously crafted right down to the tiniest detail that many gamers won’t notice unless they’re super familiar with the franchise. From Mega Man’s trademark strut, to Duck Hunt’s 8-bit-era special moves, to including levels for just about every significant Nintendo franchise, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U isn’t just a totally bonkers celebration of some of the greatest video games ever made, it proudly stands alongside them.

Just buy it, like, now.