Get Ready To Enter The World Of Nintendo IRL—Universal Studios To Open Nintendo Theme Park In Japan

Universal Studios Japan announced it will be opening Super Nintendo World in 2020. The Osaka-based theme park will feature rides, interactive areas, restaurants and shops all based on Nintendo’s characters and games.

Mario and Luigi are front and centre for the new concept art which focuses on the world of the Super Mario Bros. There are tons of Easter eggs hidden in the art including Bowser’s lair, and live costumed versions of Princess Peach and Toad.  Universal promises to delve into Nintendo’s extensive catalogue for the park, and we’re already imagining what a Donkey Kong roller coaster would look like.


Universal Studios Japan is on track to open the park in time for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. So does this mean videos games will finally be added to the competition? Finally, a sport we can win gold in.