Suicide Squad Star Fears Jared Leto, Not Re-Shoots

Around the time that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice arrived on the scene, inspiring concern about the creative direction of the DC Cinematic Universe, news broke that Suicide Squad was undergoing heavy re-shoots. While some speculated that the company was adding arbitrary humour to avoid another moody superhero experience in the vein of BVS, star Joel Kinnaman claims fans have nothing to fear. According to the actor, the re-shoots were planned well in advance and consisted almost entirely of “added action,” not extra laughs.

“It surprised me that it gets traction with people who should understand the film business better,” he told Variety. “Any film with a $125 or $135 million budget always has a block of re-shoots. Some do a week and some do a full month. It’s built into it. When you do a regular film the editor and the director will put together the movie and think, ‘Oh man, if we just had a little beat. It would elevate that.’ But they have to work around it and work with what they have. On these big films they always have the luxury of going back and getting that beat and elevating it even more.”


The other major story coming from the Suicide Squad set concerned the bizarre behaviour of Jared Leto. Unlike the re-shoot rumours, Kinnaman says the Leto rumours are completely true, resulting in a collaboration both inspiring and disturbing. “It was amazing to watch him work,” he said. “I knew Jared before. I knew him personally. But I didn’t see that guy throughout the whole shoot. I met Mr. J. a couple of times. He was magnetic. He pulled off an amazing performance. The commitment and the concentration that he had was inspiring to watch. He sent me some presents.”

The presents are where things got really weird, bordering on a form of workplace sexual harassment. “Someone asked me, ‘Did you send him any presents back?’ I’m like, ‘When someone sends you a used condom, I don’t want to play anymore. I don’t like your game, and I don’t want to play.’”

Suicide Squad opens in theatres on Friday, but we’ll have a review Thursday. For a taste of Leto’s madness, watch the trailer below.