Suicide Squad’s Cara Delevingne Is Unrecognizable In This Terrifying Pic

Did you think yesterday’s new glimpse of The Joker from Empire Magazine was revealing? Hold up, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Another cover from the magazine’s Suicide Squad coverage debuted, featuring Enchantress (Cara Delevingne)—and whoah, does it not leave much to the imagination. Remember the first group photo of the Suicide Squad and how it looked like she was wearing some kind of grey metal full-body outfit? Nope, that was all skin.

Making my own rules #Enchantress ‎#SuicideSquad @empiremagazine

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“Making my own roles,” Delevingne wrote on Instagram. No wonder she enjoys spending all her time in swamp water—she’s practically dressed for a beach vacation, if that beach was made of grime and also she only went there at night when no one else was watching.

Delevingne also revealed some more about the characters she’s playing in the movie, June Moone (who’s much more covered up, FYI) and the Enchantress—the latter, she describes “an ancient sorceress” and “a feral being” who’s finally been released after being trapped for “so long.” So I guess this outfit isn’t that weird in context, right? Ancient feral beings aren’t exactly big on pants.