Street Fighter Character Art: Then Vs. Now

All the way back in 1995, Street Fighter Alpha: Warriors’ Dreams hit arcades as the franchise’s first full-on sequel since Capcom’s seminal 1991 button masher, Street Fighter II: The World Warrior. In case you don’t remember, there were a tonne of spin-offs in between.

There was Street Fighter II: Champion Edition


Street Fighter II Turbo: Hyper Fighting


Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers


Super Street Fighter II Turbo


Whoa, Street Fighter II Pinball


Not part of the Street Fighter II canon, the very meta Street Fighter: The Movie: The Game nevertheless needs to be addressed


It’s truly bonkers


After enjoying the majority of its halcyon days on the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis, Street Fighter Alpha (also known as Zero oversees) didn’t appear on either home console. Of course, it was widely played in arcades, but its PlayStation port is how most gamers got their hadouken on.


In addition to new moves and features, the story of the game took place between the first and second Street Fighter and adopted an entirely different visual palette, which looked more like Capcom’s X-Men: Children of the Atom than anything in the SF series. It also boasted a revamped roster full of old faves to fight alongside Capcom mascots such as Final Fight’s Guy and newcomers like Rose and Charlie Nash.

To celebrate today’s release of Street Fighter V, let’s take a comparative look at the once-trailblazing character art from Street Fighter Alpha and see how it stacks up against the new game. FIGHT!

Alpha Ryu vs. V Ryu


Alpha Ken vs. V Ken


Alpha Chun-Li vs. V Chun-Li


Alpha Dhalsim vs. V Dhalsim


Alpha Zangief vs. V Zangief


Alpha Vega vs. V Vega


Alpha M. Bison vs. V M. Bison


While both versions have very distinctive artistic sensibilities that can’t really compete, one thing’s certain: V is very into big feet. I have a personal, nostalgic preference for the minimalism of the hand-drawn old school art, but having played a couple hours of SFV, there’s no denying the new stuff looks incredibly slick in motion. So let’s call this one a draw.


Street Fighter V is out today on PlayStation 4 and Widows PC. We’ll have a review up as soon as we get a few more fights in.