A Stranger Things Fave Ditched The Upside Down For Riverdale

Are you suffering from Stranger Things withdrawal after binging all eight episodes in one sitting? Don’t stress, because there’s one beloved character coming back to your TV soon. Per Entertainment Weekly, actress Shannon Purser, the internet’s favorite character, Barb, will guest-star on the CW’s Archie comics reboot Riverdale for a minimum of three episodes.

Purser will play Ethel Muggs, but don’t expect her to start macking on Jughead Jones (Cole Sprouse) anytime soon. EW reports she’ll be romantically involved with another character on the show, but that’s being kept under wraps for now.

Purser is totally “PUMPED” to start working on the series, and she’s already been welcomed by Lili Reinhart (Betty Cooper) via Twitter. First, she wins the internet’s heart as Barb, being recognized so much she quit her movie theater job “for the foreseeable future.” Now, she’s working on one of the upcoming TV season’s most anticipated shows. Purser shared her gratitude in a heartfelt tweet.

Rock on, Shannon. The Upside Down is no match for your Barbness.