Steven Soderbergh’s Mosaic Trailer Promises An Interactive Storytelling Experience


Rumours about Mosaic, the latest project from superstar director Steven Soderberg, started spreading as early as last August. But until today, most of the series’ plot details had been kept tightly under wraps.

HBO has finally released both a series trailer and lengthy episode descriptions for Mosaic’s six episodes, over the course of which several characters (including those played by Mudbound’s Garret Hedlund, The Tick’s Devin Ratray, and Bloodline’s Beau Bridges) will address and investigate the sudden disappearance of famous children’s author Olivia Lake (Sharon Stone).

Curious Soderbergh fans can watch the series in one of two ways—on HBO, or through the fancy new MOSAIC app. The app will apparently allow viewers to switch back and forth between various characters’ perspectives, though Soderbergh refuses to describe the series as a “choose-your-own-adventure” story. During an interview conducted late last year, Soderbergh explained that while MOSAIC users will choose how and when they experience certain events, he’s the one who brought those events into existence and decided how the series should end. He also insisted that Mosaic is a hybrid between a television show and a movie, which sounds suspiciously like something one would say if they didn’t want to be accused of coming out of feature-film retirement again.

Soderbergh has never been one to shy away from experimenting with different genres—don’t forget that he directed both the Ocean’s trilogy and the incomparable Magic Mike. With that in mind, we’re excited to see Soderbergh put his own spin on the good old-fashioned murder mystery and even more excited to see whether or not he ends up using the MOSAIC app for more than just one series.

Mosaic premieres on HBO on January 22 at 8 p.m. ET and wraps on January 26 at 8:50 p.m. ET. Check out the series trailer below.