Star Wars Gets Its Own Weekly Web Series

If you’re someone who closely follows the world of Star Wars, the last four years have been a bonanza of news and updates. At times, it almost seems like there’s enough Star Wars news to sustain a standalone TV network. While Lucasfilm isn’t going quite that far, the company has decided to launch a new weekly web series that offers fans all kinds of official updates, free of the (occasionally inaccurate) rumours and speculation so prevalent online. Known as The Star Wars Show, this series debuts a new episode every Wednesday at 12:00 pm PT on the Star Wars YouTube channel,, the official Star Wars app, and various Star Wars social media channels.


Wondering what to expect? You won’t have to wonder for long. “Starting this week, the seven minute show recaps the latest happenings in the Star Wars galaxy directly from the source, showcasing the energy, excitement, and passion of the fan community, as well as sitting down with prominent superfans,” Lucasfilm revealed in a statement. “Hosts Andi Gutierrez and Peter Townley unveil the latest headlines from a galaxy far, far away as well as chat with special guest stars to explore all things Star Wars.”


The first thing that catches your attention during episode one (yes, there’s at least one reference to the other famous Episode One) is the show’s unique locale: Lucasfilm headquarters. As the show begins, you get the feeling that Star Wars movies are being made all around our hosts. You may also find yourself theorizing about the presence of Duncan Jones, the director of Moon, Source Code, and next month’s Warcraft. Proving that even The Star Wars Show can inspire idle speculation, we’re guessing that Jones may have a future at Lucasfilm. (He certainly has the resume for the job.) To draw your own conclusions, watch the first episode of The Star Wars Show below.