The Last Jedi Will Introduce A Pivotal New Star Wars Heroine

The Last Jedi is set to introduce a few fun new characters into the Star Wars universe, and chief among them is Rose, a maintenance worker for the Resistance. Actress Kelly Marie Tran made her public debut at Star Wars Celebration in Orlando this past weekend, and while she couldn’t reveal too much about her character, we do know that Rose is an unlikely hero who gets pulled into an adventure with Finn (whether Tran will admit it or not).

For a Star Wars fan like Tran, however, the entire experience was surreal from start to finish. “Even in between takes, suddenly people are sitting in chairs and they’re in their costumes, and you’re still like, There’s Luke. He’s sitting in that chair!” Tran told MTV’s Josh Horowitz.


We can only hope that Tran’s delightful sense of humour will be reflected in Rose. But even if it’s not, it’s still pretty rad to see a woman of color cast in a pivotal lead role in a Star Wars movie. It only took 40 years.