Lucasfilm’s Kathleen Kennedy Praises Rian Johnson And The Last Jedi


Now that The Last Jedi is two years removed from the weighty expectations and audience assumptions that greeted its theatrical release, it’s a bit easier for the skeptics to appreciate writer-director Rian Johnson’s more unorthodox choices. However, some were immediately enthusiastic about his bold (if occasionally indulgent) vision for the franchise, most notably producer—and Lucasfilm president—Kathleen Kennedy.

In spite of the many Last Jedi naysayers, she hired Johnson to write and direct another trilogy of Star Wars movies soon after the release of Episode VIII, a vivid reflection of the enthusiasm she recently explained to Rolling Stone.

“I love what Rian did,” she said. “It’s an absolutely wonderful movie. I think he’s an extraordinary filmmaker. And I really appreciated the bold moves that he did make. I think people forget that, especially when you’re doing a trilogy structure, the first movie is setting things up, the second is usually the conflict, and the third is the resolution. So you’re bound to have that second movie, much the same way Empire Strikes Back was probably the darkest and most dramatic of the three. We talked about it with Indiana Jones! You know, we did Raiders of the Lost Ark and then we did Temple of Doom, which was dark and created a lot of controversy, and people were surprised at where it went with the storytelling, but, frankly, that’s the whole point!”

The third and final instalment in the current Star Wars trilogy, The Rise of Skywalker, arrives in theatres on December 19. Check out the trailer below.