Will The Characters Of The Last Jedi Get A Chance To Mourn Han Solo’s Death?

star wars

The trailers for The Last Jedi have made it clear that Episode VIII is a forward-looking movie full of new conflicts and alliances, but will the characters have time to reflect on the death of Han Solo? “For Rey at least, there is some time,” Daisy Ridley said at a recent press conference for the film. “Everything is moving forward, but she has some time to ask questions about what would lead someone to do that. And then she’s worried about Finn at home, so I’d say she’s a little more affected, at least emotionally, on screen.”

More than most of the characters in The Last Jedi, Rey takes Solo’s death personally. “Rey is a character that’s been alone for a really long time, and she’s really open to love and friendship,” Ridley explained. “So Finn and BB-8 come along and it’s amazing, and then Han, without trying to, she seeks something from him because there’s an intimacy and there’s a sort of figure of something she’s never dreamed of for her that gets snatched away. Everything’s new to her, so she’s understanding things in a different way.”

As for characters like Finn (John Boyega) and Poe Dameron (Oscar Isaac), their latest crisis leaves little time for reflection. “We just keep it moving,” Boyega said. “The pressure’s on. There’s no time. There hasn’t been a Star Wars movie yet that has explored war the way The Last Jedi has. It’s very messy. The categorizing of good and evil is all mixed together. In terms of Han, I’m sure we’d all feel sentimental, but… [Finn’s] got stuff to do. I can’t think about Han at the moment.”

The Last Jedi arrives in theatres on December 15.