Learn To Code With The Force Awakens’ Cutest New Droid

The force is with you, fledgling coders! A new interactive, game-like program from a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing diversity among code writers uses Star Wars: The Force Awakens character to teach kids to code (although no one’s saying you can’t head to Code.org’s Star Wars page to try it for yourself, regardless of how old you are).

Designed for ages 11 and up, Star Wars: Building a Galaxy With Code lets users learn basic JavaScript under the guidance of two familiar Force Awakens faces: Rey and droid BB-8. Who better to teach coding than an actual computer and a (rumoured) Jedi?

As Rey directs you (by “you”, we mean your soon to be code-crazy kids, of course), you use the game’s drag-and-drop interface to execute simple commands that BB-8 then acts out on the screen in real time—while emitting the sweet sounds of encouragement that only a droid can.


It’s basically the coolest way to learn to code ever. There’s even videos made by The Force Awakens’ effects team that pop-up to mark your progression through the game. And with enough lessons to occupy kids for at least a solid hour, it’ll also let you catch up on that favourite TV program you usually have to wait to watch until after they go to bed.

For now the game is only available on laptops and desktop computers but a smartphone and tablet version designed for younger users is promised for the near future, so tell your seven-year-old to hang in there, becoming a coding Jedi takes patience.