The Force Has Awakened—The Official Star Wars Poster Is Here

Your day is about to go from 0 to 100 real quick. Disney and Lucasfilm finally released the official poster for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. We’re not talking about another teaser poster, or something out of D23 either. No, we’re getting really real here. This is the legit poster for Episode VII in the sci-fi franchise.

This is not a drill, people. I repeat, this is not a drill.

It’s so beautiful, and falls right in line with the previous six posters. In addition to sharing the poster, the official Star Wars Twitter announced there will be a special look at the upcoming J.J. Abrams’ film during Monday Night Football on ESPN.

Overall, fans seemed super pumped for the film, nodding their approval at the poster’s artwork. However, several were disappointed famed artist Drew Struzan, “who created the prequel posters, the ’special edition’ re-release artwork, as well as that D23 poster from earlier in this year,” according to The Verge, did not have a hand in creating this poster.

For reference, this is the D23 poster Struzan designed, which clearly resembles the prequel films’ artwork.


So, what do you think? Should the poster have been made by Struzan, or is it perfect the way it is? Sound off in the comments!