Feast Your Eyes On These Incredible New Force Awakens Images

Somebody better release The Force Awakens quick because we’re starting to reach some kind of saturation point with all the pre-release trailers, TV spots, and other assorted hype. That said, good luck ignoring the new images that Entertainment Weekly has released in conjunction with its special The Force Awakens double issue. Some of these will look familiar, as similar moments are captured in the trailers, giving the impression that you already know the movie too well. Then again, it could be that these images look familiar because J.J. Abrams and his collaborators at Lucasfilm are holding a lot back. (Just ask Luke Skywalker.) You can see all the new Star Wars images over at IGN, but here are some of the highlights.

Finn, Rey, and BB-8 make for an intriguing trio…


…but where’s BB-8 when you really need him?


Somebody get the Knights of Ren some umbrellas.


Storm Troopers vs. X-Wing: this seems like an unfair fight.


Here are the Storm Troopers, back in their comfort zone.


Captain Phasma stands out in a crowd.


It looks like our heroes get arrested (good luck restraining Chewy)…


…and Poe Dameron won’t get cuffed without a fight.


Princess Leia is very concerned, possibly because she appears to be in a Star Trek movie.


We can’t wait to meet Bobbajo!