We’ve Got Some Serious Questions About These Force Awakens Character Posters

In case you live on planet Endor, The Force Awakens character posters dropped yesterday. That’s super, but we’ve got some very important questions that need answering. Take a peak at the posters below, and then read what we’ve got to say.

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Okay, question time:

>WHERE IN THE DARN HECK IS LUKE? We know he’s not picking up power converters at the Toshie station.

>Who gave Finn that blue lightsbaber? Maybe it was Leia, or not. Whatever.

>How is Han Solo still so ridiculously good-looking? There’s still a hint of scruffy-looking nerf-herder in there though.

>What’s up with Rey’s giant stick? It looks a little Tusken Raider-y.

>Why are the right eyes covered? Is it symbolism? Someone may get their eye poked out.

Keep on speculating until December 18, folks–your anxiety is only going to get worse.