Rogue One Director Has No Plans To Reveal The Original Ending

In the tradition of World War Z, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story was plagued by stories of extensive re-writes and re-shoots—that everyone instantly forgot when the film became an acclaimed mega-hit. Industry gossip suggests that Rogue One was an especially extreme case, as director Gareth Edwards was either replaced or assisted by director Tony Gilroy (Michael Clayton, The Bourne Legacy) during post-production. However, Lucasfilm has chosen not to confirm any of these rumours, preferring not to dilute Edwards’ status as the film’s clear-headed creative mastermind.

It should come as no surprise, then, that all involved are choosing to suppress any evidence of the pre-Gilroy cut. As you might expect, this includes Edwards, who recently revealed that we won’t be seeing any Rogue One deleted scenes on the film’s home video releases. “There’s not an individual scene that you can drag and drop and put on a Blu-ray,” he told Fandango. “There are little things that would come and go during the process of post-production, but they’re not scenes. They’re more moments within the scenes or a single shot. So it’s impossible to be able to do that, and that’s why the decision was made.”

If the rumours are as credible as they seem, Edwards is drastically understating the deleted material available, but most fans would probably rather focus on the acclaimed film that finally reached screens, even if Gilroy’s contribution is ultimately erased from history, like the covert Hollywood production in Wag the Dog.

In any case, you can enjoy the extras that did make the cut when Rogue One hits Blu-ray on April 4. Check out the teaser below.