Final Rogue One Trailer Stars A Sarcastic Droid And The Back Of Darth Vader’s Helmet

Mere weeks stand between us and the first ever standalone Star Wars movie, Rogue One. To ease the tension that comes with that kind of anticipation, Disney has released one final trailer featuring a few of the lighter, funnier moments that occasionally crop up when you’re risking entire civilizations in a fight to infiltrate the Empire and steal the plans to the Death Star.

For example: that thing where you think your half-wit, insubordinate droid is going to blow up himself (and you), but manages to take out a squad of Stormtroopers instead (high five, K-2SO). Or that other thing where you fire your rocket launcher at an AT-AT and it barely flinches but then some X-Wings swoop in to save the day/your life. So funny—in that “Oh wow I could have just died but I didn’t (yet)” kinda way. Hey, in the Star Wars universe, you have to take your laughs where you can get them, and in 2016, the humour is a lot darker than the brand C-3PO brought back in the late ‘70s.

December 16 is the big release day for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story… as if you needed reminding. Watch the very last trailer below.