Watch A 16-Bit Darth Vader Kill A Lot Of Rebels In This Recreated Rogue One Scene

If you’re one of the half-dozen people who still hasn’t seen Rogue One, be warned that the video below is a recreation of a brief third-act scene that features Darth Vader going up against the Rebel forces. Consider yourself spoiler alerted.

The fact that the ultimate bad guy in the Star Wars universe is responsible for the deaths of a mountain of Rebel soldiers isn’t exactly shocking or spoilery—after all, this is the man who was cheerleader to Grand Moff Tarkin when he used the Death Star to decimate all of Alderaan. Still, the scene surprised a lot of people.

Using his lightsaber skills and the dark underside of the Force, Vader mows down the Rebels like they’re mere weeds. In the film, it’s pretty traumatic. In the 16-bit recreation by Mr. Sunday Movies it’s less so—but a lot more fun, in a ‘Man, I wish they had this in arcade game form’ (also: ‘Man, I wish arcades were still a thing). Check it out below.