Darth Maul May Get A Star Wars Revival

For those of you who haven’t been keeping track, Star Wars Rebels is the animated Lucasfilm series set somewhere between Episode III and Episode IV. Speaking to the New York Daily News about the show’s second season—which comes to a close in late March—executive producer Dave Filoni offered his take on the evolution of Star Wars Rebels. “The rebellion is growing in a way that I think fans are more familiar with than it just being a small group of people like it was in season one,” he says. “We see more of an actual resistance against the Empire. What we find is that different pockets of rebels are trying to fight back against the Empire in different ways and not everybody is on board with a full out war with the Empire.”


That’s the big picture outlook, but Filoni also tossed around some more specific possibilities that should excite hardcore Star Wars fans. For one, he suggests that it could be time to revive one of the only elements of The Phantom Menace that anyone still cares about: Darth Maul. “It would be great to tell more stories with him,” Filoni explains, recalling the character’s earlier TV appearances. “We had more in Clone Wars and some of them we put out in a comic book form. You never know, he is a great character; we’re just very careful which ones we bring in. What would that be like, for him to meet the rebel group, I mean could they deal with him?”


It might take a while for that development to come about, but this week’s episode is intriguing in its own right. In a premise that some have compared to a 1989 episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation (“The Enemy”), enemies Zeb Orrelios (Steve Blum) and Agent Kallus (David Oyelowo) find themselves stranded together in a cave on one of the Geonosian moons. Rather than settle their differences with violence, they find themselves involved in some genuine communication—with surprising results. As Gizmodo explains, “the episode also had some Death Star hints, Attack of the Clones references, a battle between two droids and more.” Check out a few of the highlights below.