Get Ready To Overdose On Lightsabers

Separated by 16 years, the first two Star Wars trilogies were made in dramatically different times, particularly as far as special effects are concerned. Add to this the fact that most of the major actors from Episodes IV to VI were not involved in the second trilogy, and some major differences became apparent. However, there is at least one common bond that unites all films in the Star Wars saga, including this year’s The Force Awakens: lightsabers. Thanks to distinctively ’70s sound effects and a colourful glow that is also unmistakably retro (in the best possible way), lightsabers are one aspect of George Lucas’ series that remained relatively consistent, even as over-the-top CGI flourishes came to populate every corner of every frame. As a result, even the harshest critics of Episodes I to III can usually agree that they delivered their share of worthwhile lightsaber duels.


If you’ve never taken the time to do a direct comparison of the original lightsabers and the later ones, now’s the time, as a new video commissioned by The Daily Beast offers everything you need. Edited by Magnalux Pictures’ Dominick Nero, LIGHTSABERS intercuts duels from all seven episodes, bringing you back to the classic battles and even suggesting some new ones. (For a fleeting moment, you get to see Darth Maul battle Alec Guinness’ older version of Obi-Wan Kenobi.)


While there are many parallels between the original lightsaber duels and the later ones, the clips from Episodes IV to VI have noticeably more mood, style, and restraint, while the other trilogy has… CGI Yoda.


Regardless of how you rank the Star Wars films, you’ll find all kinds of worthy sabersmanship in this video, which you can watch below.