Is That A Lightsaber In Your Pocket Or Are You Just Happy To Be Playing Chrome’s New Star Wars Game?

Happy Force Awakens Day, everyone! To mark the momentous occasion, a decade in the making (or 32 years in the making depending on your feelings about the prequels), Google Chrome got you a gift. Don’t worry if you didn’t get Google anything in return. They have more money than George Lucas.

Lightsaber Escape is a Google Star Wars Chrome Experiment game that lets you battle Stormtroopers with your own lightsaber. Don’t have a lightsaber? Wrong. If you have a smartphone, you’re basically a Jedi already. The web-based game is played with a computer (running Chrome, of course) and your newly converted phonesaber. The Star Wars weapon’s grip appears on your phone’s screen and the beam shows up on your monitor. Wave your phone around to fend off the horde of Stormtroopers firing at you through your computer.


Aboard a Star Destroyer you’ll find yourself facing squads comprised of the Empire’s footsoldiers, all of them notoriously bad shots. But things get tougher when you have to go up against a mace-wielding trooper in a one-on-one showdown. The whole thing is rendered in 3D which makes for pretty addictive game playing. We’ve already sent your boss an apology email. More dedicated employees can catch a quick glimpse of the game in the video below and play the game later here instead.