Star Wars Land Is Coming In 2019, But These Franchises Also Need A Theme Park

Do you dream of flying the Millennium Falcon or grabbing lunch with C-3PO? That dream will soon become a reality, as Disney CEO Bob Iger has confirmed that Star Wars-themed expansions will be opening in both Disney World and Disneyland in 2019.

The project was first announced in 2015 and is now currently under construction. Expected to be 14 acres in size (one of Disney’s largest expansions), the expansion will based on a planet fans haven’t seen before. The park will be completely immersive, similar to the The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando, with the entire area dedicated to Star Wars restaurants and rides populated by aliens, droids and humanoids.

Check out the incredible 360-degree of the project with a few unique resources being used for construction.

With a timeline set for Star Wars Land, we got to thinking about what other franchises we’d like to see as theme parks. Disney has already converted many of their beloved properties into world-class attractions, but there are still a few franchises out there that would make awesome amusement parks.

1. Final Destination

So this is either the best idea we’ve ever had or the worst, but hear us out. A horror theme park based on Final Destination would be exciting to say the least. There are enough elaborate accident sequences across the five-film franchise to a make a few haunted houses, plus a roller coaster scene that could translate into a thrilling ride of terror. We just have to make sure the safety regulations are up to scratch.

2. The Chronicles Of Narnia

Step through a wardrobe into a magical land of talking lions, terrifying Ice Queens and all sorts of half-human creatures. Inspired by the work of C.S. Lewis, a grand natural theme park with acres to explore between castles and forests would be magical. Just make sure to not lose sight of the lamppost or you might be stuck there forever.

3. Charlie And The Chocolate Factory

Roald Dahl’s numerous novels and their film adaptations would make the most whimsical theme park. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory would inspire many attractions—boat tours down a chocolate river, massive slides modelled after garbage chutes and gardens made of candy. And the sequel, Charlie And The Great Glass Elevator would make an excellent inspiration for a glass roller coaster. From Matilda to The BFG to The Fantastic Mr. Fox, Dahl’s material is full of ideas for a theme park.

4. The Hunger Games

So this may seem a little dark, but a theme park based on a Hunger Games arena would actually be really fun. It’d be like a giant escape room with puzzles and tricks to trip you up along the way. Plus who doesn’t want to go shopping for something fabulous in The Capitol?

5. The Lord Of The Rings

While there’s a Hobbiton set you can visit in New Zealand, we know the mythical lands LOTR fans really want to visit are the Elven Realms. Rivendell and Lothlórien boast beautiful towns built into valley forges and treehouses that would be wondrous if brought to life. An Elven-inspired park would let visitors move through treehouses while practising their archery skills and shopping for the finest elf-made tools.