New Star Wars Book Explains Why Leia Finally Used The Force


Having inspired reactions both extremely positive and extremely negative, The Last Jedi is arguably the most polarizing Star Wars episode to date. While the film’s detractors have a long list of complaints, General Leia Organa’s sudden ability to use the Force proved especially infuriating to some. But like it or not, this is now official Star Wars canon, and you can expect further references to populate future movies and books in the series. Most recently, this event earned a mention in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge – Black Spire, a book featuring reflections on this historic event:

“‘All these years,’ Ylena mused, her eyes far off. ‘All these years, she had access to the Force and never used it. She could’ve swayed the Senate but wasn’t willing to use cheap tricks when she believed in diplomacy and freedom. That’s a strong woman and a good leader right there. And yet, in her time of greatest hardship, when it benefited not only her own needs but the greater good, she reached deep inside and claimed that connection that had always waited, dormant, for her call.”

That explanation is unlikely to win over any new converts, but it may prove enlightening for fans looking for a better understanding of Leia’s thought process. In any case, you can expect the character to return in some form when Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker arrives in theatres on December 20. Check out the trailer below.