Your Chance To Sleep In A Star Wars Landspeeder Has Finally Arrived

If you’ve ever been through an obsessive Star Wars spell, you know how hard it can be to tear yourself away from this fixation and concentrate on more earthbound obligations like homework and sleep. However, thanks to a new collaboration between Lucasfilm and Rooms to Go, bedrooms everywhere just got way more exciting. Advising customers to create their own galaxy, Rooms to Go has just launched three beds and a desk that further immerse Star Wars obsessives in their favourite franchise, even while they snooze. Here are the four options currently available—in order of affordability:

1. The TIE fighter™ desk


You don’t have to be employed by the Death Star to work at this desk, but the solidly constructed base, gray finish, and powder coated steel construction are worth killing for. Alternately, you could just pay the semi-reasonable list price of $399.99.

2. The Millenium Falcon™ twin panel bed


Let’s be honest, this bed falls a little short of its name, but the headboard gives you the pleasant illusion of sleeping at the controls of the Millenium Falcon. The $599.99 price tag is justified by all kinds of built-in tech touches: USB ports, stereo speakers, Bluetooth compatibility with most music players/tablets/laptops, and multi-function touch lighting.

3. The Landspeeder™ twin panel bed


Of all the new Star Wars furniture, the Landspeeder™ twin panel bed is the one that best captures the experience of driving the vehicle in question. While the turbine engines are all decorative, you might not guess that from the price: $899.99.

4. The X-wing™ twin bookcase bed


When it came time to bring the X-wing to bedrooms, one bed simply wasn’t enough. The bed pictured above is actually two single beds pushed together. The X-wing itself offers privacy for both occupants of this $1,199.99 item, but penny-pinching pilots can buy half a bed for half the price.