Here’s How Episode VIII May Tie Into Star Wars Rebels

When we last saw Rey at the end of The Force Awakens, she had just arrived on the Ahch-To planet. But little do audiences know more than just Luke Skywalker can be found there. A new rumour suggest that creatures called Convorees, who are from the Star Wars Rebels animated series, live on the planet and will make their big screen debut in Star Wars: Episode VIII.


Since Disney acquired the Star Wars franchise in 2012, there has been a noticeable production effort to connect each and every galaxy to one another. For example, Rogue One had a couple references to the Star Wars Rebels series, such as the mention of General Syndulla and the brief appearance of the Ghost, the ship the main Rebels characters travel across the galaxy in.


Initially, it was reported that the avian creatures of Ahch-To would be based off of real-life puffins and be equipped with razor-sharp teeth—a good combo of cute and cuddly, mixed with scary and dangerous. Convoreers will now be these creatures, and they’re rumoured to be Luke’s friends as well as protectors of the Ahch-To planet.

While these critter don’t play integral roles in the Star Wars Rebels storylines, they’ve been known to show up at key moments—like after Ahsoka Tano’s fight with Darth Vader. The Convorees first appeared in The Clone Wars, where it was suggested that there are multiple Convor breeds. There’s also been speculation that these creatures could also have some sort of connection to the Force, thus providing an explanation for why Luke has been on Ahch-To for who knows how long, other than seeking out the first Jedi Temple.

However, Convoreers are not the only cool creatures said to be roaming around Ahch-To in Episode VIII, it was also reported last month that Rey will battle some sort of sea monster on the planet as a test to prove she’s worthy to stay there—kinda like Luke fighting the imaginary Darth Vader on Dagobah in The Empire Strikes Back. When we last saw Ahch-To, the planet seemed like a calm, serene place, however, it sounds like its wildlife should definitely not be messed with.