Rich People Can Now Buy Star Wars Bling

star wars

Winter is coming. Here’s what to get for the Star Wars fan who has everything: a diamond-encrusted Stormtrooper helmet and/or a $20,000 silver Boba Fett ring. (Yes, sure—we’ve blended our current sci-fi/fantasy obsessions here but can you blame us? J.J. Abrams has delivered three Force Awakens trailers with zero glimpses of Game of ThronesGwendoline Christie.)


While a lottery win or the sale of a first born child will likely be a necessary step in the acquisition process, this line of Star Wars accessories designed by Justin Davis is pretty awesome—even if you’re just window shopping. Our faves?

This R2-D2 necklace:

r2 (2)

This gold-plated C-3PO ring:


And this black diamond-covered Fighter Pilot ring. If you’re planning on proposing this Christmas, this is the $268,000 engagement ring you’ve been looking for:


However, if you’re Empire tastes don’t quite line up with your Rebel budget, Ukraine has given the world an early holiday gift. The country has enlisted a sculptor to convert a statue in Odessa into one of George Lucas’ iconic characters. As part of a decommunization project, a statue of Soviet leader Vladimir Lenin situated in one of the city’s public squares was transformed into a statue of someone who Lenin would have admired: Darth Vader.

A plane ticket to Odessa may be pricy, but it’s still cheaper than one of Davis’ rings. Bonus: once you find the statue, you can take a selfie with Ukrainian Vader and post it to Instagram for free—the artist in charge of Lenin’s makeover included a wifi hotspot in the upgraded design.