Star Trek: Short Treks Is Back For Another Season


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Last year, we got to know Tilly, Saru, and yes, even Harry Mudd, a little bit better with the first iteration of Star Trek: Short Treks. This year, we’re getting more episodes featuring even more familiar faces.

If you were worried that we’d seen the last of Spock (Ethan Peck) and Number One (Rebecca Romijn) after Star Trek: Discovery‘s intense, cliff hanger-y Season 2 finale, fear not—the pair stars in the first episode of Short Treks Season 2, “Q&A.” In “Q&A,” we get to follow Spock throughout his first day as an Ensign on the Starship Enterprise, during which he gets stuck in a turbo lift with Number One and pesters her with questions as only a young, eager Spock could.

New episodes of Star Trek: Short Treks will air on CTV Sci-Fi Channel every month on Thursdays at 9/6p starting October 10, with another episode called “The Trouble with Edward.” And guess what? You can watch the first Season 2 episode below, right now!