Can’t Wait For Discovery Season 2? Watch Star Trek: Short Treks


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Returning 2020

You didn’t think we would stick you in a complete Star Trek drought until next year, did you? Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 may still feel like it’s light-years away, but to make the wait a little less painful, we’re launching a special series called Star Trek: Short Treks.

If you haven’t already heard, Star Trek: Short Treks consists of four 10-15 minute long standalone episodes that give Trek fans the chance to get to know their favourite characters a little better. The first episode, “Runaway,” will air this Thursday (October 4) at 9e 6p and follow Ensign Sylvia Tilly (Mary Wiseman) as she meets “an unexpected visitor in need of help.” The second, “Calypso,” will air on November 8 at 9e 6p and follow a Trek newcomer named Craft (Aldis Hodge) who “finds himself on board a deserted ship” with nothing but an A.I. computer interface to keep him company.

The third episode, “The Brightest Star,” will air on December 6 at 9e 6p and centre on fan favourite Saru (Doug Jones). “The Brightest Star” will flash back to Saru’s early life on his home planet of Kaminar and give fans an idea as to how Saru ultimately ended up on the crew of the Discovery. The final episode, “The Escape Artist,” will air on January 3 at 9e 6p. In “The Escape Artist,” Harry Mudd (Rainn Wilson, who also directed the episode) “finds himself in a precarious position aboard a hostile ship.”

Rachel Getting Married‘s Jenny Lumet, John Carter‘s Michael Chabon, Rick and Morty’s Mike McMahan, Discovery staff writers Sean Cochran, Erika Lippoldt, and Bo Yeon Kim, and Discovery creator Alex Kurtzman teamed up to write the Short Treks series. Gotham’s Maja Vrvilo, Discovery‘s Olatunde Osunsanmi and Douglas Aarniokoski, and Wilson directed one instalment each.