What We Learned From Star Trek: Discovery’s Latest Short, Calypso

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Returning 2020

The latest instalment of Short Treks features a solitary soldier who goes by Craft. He finds himself aboard a deserted Discovery run by a charming artificial intelligence with a penchant for Audrey Hepburn movies. With no safe way to leave, Craft resigns himself to life aboard this ship in the company of Zora, the disembodied voice of the Discovery’s computer… but the memory of the family he left behind still haunts him. Here’s what we learned from the episode:


The fate of the USS Discovery looks pretty lonely

According to the Discovery’s on-board AI, Zora, the ship has been drifting through space for 1,000 years. Where did the crew go? She didn’t say. Why was she ordered to wait for their return indefinitely? She doesn’t know.


Peace doesn’t come to the Star Trek universe anytime soon

Craft has been at war for more than a decade—and he’s not even certain who won. His story, based on Homer’s Odyssey, portends a future where war is a constant. At least that’ll give Picard and his crew something to do.


Star Trek’s Replicator is the most essential tech on any ship

Besides the ship itself, without a replicator, Craft would have been dead. There have been no supply shipments or restock trips for the Discovery in centuries. Luckily, when you can’t get it fresh, you just print it. Who wants waffles?


Michael Chabon should write for Star Trek more often

The Pulitzer Prize-winning author is a pretty big get for Discovery and his simple, poignant story packs such an emotional punch that you can’t help feeling heartbroken… for a computer. So it’s great news that he’s signed on to write for the upcoming series centred on Captain Picard.


We’re suckers for a wide-open ending

What will happen to Zora and the Discovery now? How long will she drift out in space for? How long can she? And will Craft actually make it back home to his family? His odds aren’t good. Safe journey, Funny Face.