Ship Number Reveals Big News About Star Trek: Discovery

Returning 2020

While we still don’t know much about Star Trek: Discovery, the show’s spaceship was revealed last week, leaving all kinds of room for interpretation. But what could a fleeting glimpse of the NCC-1031 really tell us? Quite a bit, according to showrunner Bryan Fuller. Speaking to Ain’t It Cool News on Monday, Fuller explained that “there’s a big clue in the number of the ship that indicates when we’re set.”

Fans of the ’60s TV series will remember that the original Starship Enterprise—which underwent renovations for future movies and series—was the NCC-1701. Since the NCC-1031 has an earlier registry number, we can safely conclude that Star Trek: Discovery is a prequel, set some time before the mid-23rd century adventures of Kirk and Spock.

In an effort to further understand the “31” in the new ship’s registry number, Ain’t It Cool News speculates that this might be a reference to Section 31, the top secret operation depicted in Deep Space Nine, Enterprise, and Star Trek Into Darkness. Asked to confirm or deny the significance of this parallel, Fuller mostly confirms: “There are aspects of our first season that, depending on how well versed you are in that mythology, you could either read into it a connection or not.”

Star Trek: Discovery premieres May 2017 on Space. For a closer look at the NCC-1031, watch the Comic-Con ship test footage below.