Star Trek: Discovery Has Launched Its Second Season Production


Returning 2020

No, this isn’t some dastardly Mirror Universe ploy. Filming on Season Two of Star Trek: Discovery has officially, for real begun, launching the series into entirely new territory where the crew of the Discovery will be faced with all-new challenges…and dangers. But first: the crew of the show itself must get to work.

We’ve got a new video that goes behind the scenes to reveal the art department 3D printing props, the wardrobe team sewing costumes, and the set builders, uh…well, they’re building sets, obviously. There’s even a few brief glimpses of Michael Burnham and Saru on set shooting brand new scenes for the upcoming season. But the most thrilling thing has to be the sneak peek at those iconic yellow sweaters from the original Star Trek series… and the back of the head of a guy wearing one. Who could he be?

It’s all very exciting for Trek fans (the heroic music doesn’t hurt). Check out the video below and stay tuned for the season premiere date—we’ll share it as soon as we have it!