‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Recap: Heartbreak And Victory Collide In Will You Take My Hand

Will You Take My Hand?

Returning 2020

In this enterprising first season finale (sorry/so not sorry), Michael Burnham and her Discovery crew come up with a very Federation (read: ethical and non-killy) way to end the war with the Klingons. They put the fate of the Klingon home planet into the hands of one of their own: L’Rell. The other option was to just blow Kronos to pieces, but we’re not in the Terran universe anymore.

Under Terran Phillipa Georgiou’s leadership, the plan had been to use the spore drive to jump the Discovery into an unused temple in one of the caves below the surface of Kronos. To Burnham and the rest of the crew’s knowledge, they’d map the planet from there and figure out the best way to attack. But Georgiou had another plan—one that the Federation higher ups, including Sarek, were complicit in. Burnham, Tilly, Tyler, and Georgiou weren’t there to map the planet. There’d be no point to that since Georgiou had come to Kronos with a nuclear bomb and was going to detonate it at its volcanic core.

Will You Take My Hand?

It takes Tilly accidentally getting high on volcano drugs to find out that it’s not cartography equipment she’s been carting around in a locked briefcase. It’s a bomb and a detonator. She tries to warn Burnham, but Georgiou gets to her first. That leads to a standoff between the two women, Burnham and her former mentor’s doppelganger, deep in the cave systems of Kronos where Georgiou has already planted the nuclear weapon.

Will You Take My Hand?

It’s exactly how the Terran Emperor had defeated the Klingons in her universe, but it’s not how things are done here. Burnham conspires with Tilly and Tyler to come up with an alternative (once again defying her superiors’ orders, but by now that’s kind of her thing). Plan B (for Burnham) means handing over the detonator to L’Rell, freeing her, and giving her the opportunity to try once again to unite the Klingon houses. It works—another win for Burnham—but it’s accompanied by a surprising and heart-pulverizing loss: Ash Tyler decides to go with L’Rell and help her in her mission to rebuild the Klingon empire. Ouch.

Will You Take My Hand?

Burnham barely has time to register the sting of saying goodbye to Terran Georgiou and half-Klingon Tyler before she’s beamed back aboard the Discovery for an even bigger surprise. Her ship is being hailed by another Federation vessel: the USS Enterprise, captained by James T. Kirk’s predecessor, Christopher Pike. The seem to have an urgent message for the Discovery—one we’ll have to wait until next season to hear.

5 questions we have about the Star Trek: Discovery season finale

1. That final goodbye between Tyler and Burnham was rough. Will we ever see him (and L’Rell) again?

2. Burnham told Georgiou to be good—or else she’d come looking for her. Think she’s going to have to?

3. Now that the war is over, is the Discovery actually going to get a chance to use the spore drive, to, like, discover stuff?

4. Will Saru keep his spot as Acting Captain or are we going to be introduced to a new Captain at some point?

5. What does the Enterprise want from the Discovery, and will we run into any familiar faces next season?