The First Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 Photos Just Came Out, And We Have Questions


Returning 2020

San Diego Comic-Con is like Christmas, Hanukkah, and our birthdays all melded into one in that every new panel gives us dozens of shiny new surprises to look at and speculate over. Our newest gift? The very first look at Star Trek: Discovery ‘s highly anticipated third season.

Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 ended on a majorly mysterious cliffhanger—and if you still haven’t finished it, be warned that there are spoilers ahead. In the last episode of the season, Commander Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) leads the Discovery and its crew members into the future in order to stop Control from destroying the universe. This means that the fate of all the crew members left behind on the Enterprise—at least as far as Star Trek: Discovery is concerned—is uncertain.

Which would explain why Spock (Ethan Peck), Pike (Anson Mount), Tilly (Mary Wisman) and most of our other Discovery favourites are nowhere to be seen in the first photos released earlier today. Instead, most of these new photos feature Martin-Green alongside new character Cleveland “Book” Booker, played by Falling Water‘s David Ajala.


What does this mean? Are all the other Star Trek: Discovery characters we’ve come to know and love really gone for good (according to executive producer Alex Kurtzman, they are). Only time will tell.